H07. Lymphocytic Leukemia: Acute and Chronic

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Slide 2Question
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Slide 6Methods Used to Subclassify the Leukemias
Slide 7Acute lymphocytic leukemia
Slide 8Acute lymphocytic leukemia bone marrow
Slide 9Acute lymphocytic leukemia blood L2, FAB classification
Slide 10Characteristics of the FAB Subtypes of Acute Lymphgocytic Leukemia
Slide 11Burkitt's lymphoma type L3, FAB classification
Slide 12Split slide - L1 vs L2
Slide 13Split slide - L2 vs acute myelocytic leukemia
Slide 14Acute lymphocytic leukemia stained with nonspecific esterase
Slide 15Rosettes of T cell lymphoblasts
Slide 16Split slide - atypical lymphocyte vs lymphoblast
Slide 17Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (540X)
Slide 18Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (1,000X)
Slide 19Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Slide 20Bone marrow with heavy infiltration of lymphocytes
Slide 21Bone marrow of chronic lymphocytic leukemia with medium infiltration of lymphocytes
Slide 22Infectious lymphocytosis
Slide 23Lymphosarcoma cells
Slide 24Chronic lymphosarcoma cell leukemia
Slide 25Split slide - abnormal lymphocyte vs atypical lymphocyte in infectious mononucleosis
Slide 26Prolymphocytic leukemia
Slide 27Hairy cell leukemia
Slide 28Hairy cells treated with tartrate containing acid phosphatase stain
Slide 29Lymphoma cells
Slide 30Lymphoma cells