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Shown here is a segmented neutrophil (seg). It is the oldest cell in the granulocyte series. Segs have between two to five lobes connected by chromatin strands. Cells with more than five lobes are hypersegmented, which is abnormal. The nuclear chromatin of a seg is heavy and stains a dark purplish-blue. It is true of all cells that the darker the nucleus stains, the heavier is the chromatin. The cytoplasm of a seg is pink. The granules are small and stain pinkish-tan. Granules vary in intensity with the time of staining. They may be dissolved or not even stained during the process. In disease, there may be an actual deficiency of granules, but otherwise granularity can be assumed to be artifactual.

Course Section: 03. Blood Smears Stained with Wright's Stain
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