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Slide 7
This smear is too thick and the red cells are overlapping. White cells appear smaller, more disrupted, and broken in thick areas. In thin areas they are too spread out and distorted. Not only is it necessary to have a good area on the slide, but the cells must be well-stained. The slide should be clean and not covered with precipitated stain. It is a waste of time to work with a poor slide because you cannot be sure of correctly identifying the cells that you see. After you have selected a good area with the low-power objective, put it under oil. With the oil-immersion objective, tally 100 cells as you see them. Count consecutive fields in a straight line across the slide recording every nucleated cell you see. White cells are reported as a percentage. Nucleated red cells are recorded but not included in the percentage of white cells. They are reported as the number/100 WBCs.

Course Section: 03. Blood Smears Stained with Wright's Stain
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