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Another inherited disorder of granulocytes is the Pelger-Huet anomaly. It is a failure of the granulocytes to become multilobed. Usually the cells have only one or two lobes and the nuclear chromatin is extremely clumped and stains very dark. Lymphocytes and monocytes also may exhibit this abnormality. The two-lobed variety of granulocyte may have lobes that are the same size, like eyeglasses (pince-nez), or they may vary in size. The one-lobed cells may have nuclei that are band-, peanut-, dumbbell-, or rod-shaped. The individuals with congenital Pelger-Huet anomaly are unaffected. The significance of acquired Pelger-Huet anomaly is that it usually indicates preleukemia, leukemia, or myelofibrosis.

Course Section: 03. Blood Smears Stained with Wright's Stain
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