H03. Blood Smears Stained with Wright's Stain

Slide 1Title Slide
Slide 2Question
Slide 3Question
Slide 4Question
Slide 5Question
Slide 6Optimal area of a slide for differential cell count
Slide 7Thick blood smear
Slide 8Crush or smudge cell
Slide 9Normal Adult Differential Cell Count
Slide 10Segmented neutrophil
Slide 11Band neutrophil
Slide 12Eosinophil
Slide 13Basophil
Slide 14Monocyte
Slide 15Band-shaped monocyte
Slide 16Vacuolated monocyte
Slide 17Monocyte with phagocytosed red cell
Slide 18Lymphocyte
Slide 19Lymphocyte with irregularly shaped nucleus and nucleolus
Slide 20Young lymphocyte
Slide 21Lymphocyte with azurophilic granules
Slide 22Hypersegmentation
Slide 23Toxic granulation
Slide 24Dohle body
Slide 25Segmented neutrophil containing bacteria
Slide 26Alder-Reilly anomaly
Slide 27Lymphocyte in mucopolysaccharidosis
Slide 28Chediak-Higashi anomaly
Slide 29Pelger-Huet anomaly
Slide 30Endothelial cells