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New methylene blue and brilliant cresyl blue not only stain the reticulocytes but also stain Heinz bodies, Howell-Jolly bodies, and Pappenheimer bodies. If any of these is suspected and interferes with the count then it should be tested for by other special stains that will be described later. Shown here is a slide prepared from the blood of a patient with hemoglobin H disease, stained with brilliant cresyl blue. The bodies consist of polymers of chains that have been precipitated by the dye. Hemoglobin H bodies require time for formation and are not seen immediately after mixing with the dye. They are globular rather than granular. If the blood of a patient with Hb H stands with the liquid staining solution for 10-15 minutes, the precipitates may interfere with the reticulocyte count.

Course Section: 02. Inclusions Found in Red Blood Cells
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