H02. Inclusions Found in Red Blood Cells

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Slide 6Red cell inclusions stained with Wright's stain
Slide 7Red cell inclusions with special stains
Slide 8Nucleated red blood cell
Slide 9Basophilic stippling; air hole artifacts in red cells
Slide 10Platelets overlying red cells
Slide 11Polychromasia
Slide 12Reticulocytes with new methylene blue
Slide 13Reticulocytes with brilliant cresyl blue
Slide 14Reticulocytes counterstained with Wright's stain
Slide 15Hb H bodies
Slide 16Increased reticulocytes
Slide 17Basophilic stippling
Slide 18Howell-Jolly body
Slide 19Formation of Howell-Jolly body
Slide 20Formation of Howell-Jolly body
Slide 21Cabot's ring
Slide 22Pappenheimer bodies
Slide 23Siderocytes
Slide 24Ringed sideroblasts
Slide 25Heinz bodies with crystal violet
Slide 26Heinz bodies with neutral red and brilliant green
Slide 27Bite cells
Slide 28Azurophilic granules
Slide 29Hb C crystal
Slide 30Hb SC disease