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Slide 17
The cell indicated by the arrow is a basophilic myelocyte. There is only a moderate number of granules scattered over the surface of the cell. The granules vary in size and intensity of staining. The nucleus of this cell takes up nearly the total cell area. There is some question of specific granules appearing in promyelocytes. Some authors contend that they do. In my experience, I have seen them in promyelocytes in myelocytic leukemia, but I believe it is an abnormal finding. Even the cell shown here could be called a basophilic promyelocyte because of its N:C ratio and light-staining nuclear chromatin. The patient from whom this slide was made had myelocytic leukemia.

Course Section: 04. Immature Cells in the Granulocytic - Monocytic - and Lymphocytic Series
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