H04. Immature Cells

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Slide 6General Cell Characteristics of Aging
Slide 7Myeloblast
Slide 8Myeloblast
Slide 9Promyelocyte
Slide 10Promyelocyte
Slide 11Promyelocyte and segmented neutrophil
Slide 12Myelocyte
Slide 13Myelocyte
Slide 14Metamyelocyte
Slide 15Segmented neutrophil, band, and metamyelocyte
Slide 16Eosinophilic myelocyte
Slide 17Basophilic myelocyte
Slide 18Eosinophilic myelocyte and basophil
Slide 19Monoblast
Slide 20Monoblast
Slide 21Young monocyte
Slide 22Monoblast and three young monocytes
Slide 23Promyelocyte, monoblasts, and young monocytes
Slide 24Lymphoblast
Slide 25Lymphoblast
Slide 26Prolymphocyte and mature lymphocyte
Slide 27Reactive lymphocyte
Slide 28Plasmacytoid lymphocyte
Slide 29Lymphocyte in lymphoma
Slide 30Sezary cell