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This is a photograph of a bone marrow smear obtained from a single lytic lesion in the left iliac crest of a 51-year-old patient. The bone marrow from the right iliac crest shows a diffuse distribution of normal appearing plasma cells constituting 5% of the differential. A diagnosis of solitary plasmacytoma was made. Some of these plasma cells are small, and some are greatly enlarged and poorly recognizable as plasma cells. Solitary medullary plasmacytomas are restricted to one bony lesion. The majority of these cases even if treated by removal or radiation of the tumor eventually develop MM. Extramedullary solitary plasmacytomas are generally found in the respiratory tract or oral cavity. They have been described also in kidney, ovary, intestine, and spleen. If treated these rarely develop MM.

Course Section: 10. Plasma Cell Dyscrasias
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