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Slide 11
Shown in this slide are examples of IEPs. Each shows the arc for the gamma and the alpha heavy chains and the kappa and the lambda light chains. Pattern 1 is a normal study; note the smooth, slightly curved arcs. The light chain studies usually look similar to the IgG distribution since IgG is found in greater amounts than IgA or IgM; also the light chains in IgA and IgM may have reduced reactivity to antisera. Pattern 2 shows an IgG-kappa paraprotein. Note the extra arc in IgG and kappa, both arcs are at the same position. Pattern 3 is an IgA-kappa paraprotein. Occasionally one will see two extra arcs of light chain, one bound to a heavy chain and the other circulating free (BJP).

Course Section: 10. Plasma Cell Dyscrasias
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