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Notice the crease across the middle of the nucleus in the monocyte indicated by the arrow. The cell to the right of it also has a crease. Such creases are characteristic of monocytes. They may be seen as small, straight lines in both normal and abnormal monocytes. Notice also the projections on the edge of the cytoplasm in the cell indicated by the arrow. This is another characteristic of monocytes. The cell to its left seems to have a wedge inserted into the center of the nucleus. The cell to the far left is recognizable as a young cell because of its basophilic cytoplasm. The nucleus contains two small, light-colored, regular nucleoli. Nucleoli may be seen in mature monocytes, but usually they are obscured by the nuclear chromatin.

Course Section: 09. Acute Myelomonocytic Leukemia - Monocytic Leukemia - and Erythroleukemia
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