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Shown here is a bone marrow preparation from a patient with AMML, FAB category M4. The diagnosis of AMML using Wright's stained preparations depends on your ability to recognize promonocytes and monocytes. As stated before, it is generally extremely difficult to differentiate a monoblast from a myeloblast. Therefore, you must depend on recognizing promonocytes and monocytes for your diagnosis, and these should exceed 25% of the total cells in both the blood and the bone marrow. Also, as stated before, for the diagnosis of AMML there should be more than 50% blasts, promyelocytes, promonocytes, and monocytes in the bone marrow.
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Course Section: 09. Acute Myelomonocytic Leukemia - Monocytic Leukemia - and Erythroleukemia
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