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Slide 28
Note the large NRBC in the center of the slide. This bone marrow was obtained from a 63-year-old patient with a history of pancytopenia for three years. His white cell count was 4,000/cu mm, hemoglobin 8.5 gm/100 ml, mean corpuscular volume (MCV) 100 cu microns, and platelet count 78,000/cu mm. The white cell differential count was normal. The bone marrow was hypercellular with adequate megakaryocytes. The granulocyte maturation was normal. The NRBCs were grossly abnormal, with many cells having 2-7 nuclei. No definite diagnosis was made, but preleukemia and dyserythropoiesis of the acquired type were considered.

Course Section: 05. Nucleated Red Blood Cells
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