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The different nomenclatures for NRBCs are tabulated in Table 1. The Bessis E1 corresponds to a pronormoblast or promegaloblast used in many textbooks, to a megaloblast in Sabin and Doan's classification, and to a rubriblast in that of the Committee for Clarification of the Nomenclature, 1949. In the same order of nomenclatures as before, Bessis' E2 is equivalent to a basophilic normoblast or megaloblast, early erythroblast, and prorubricyte. E3 is not included in any of the other nomenclatures. It would be called a basophilic or polychromatic normoblast or megaloblast, a late-early or early-late erythroblast, or a prorubricyte or rubricyte. E4 is synonymous with polychromatic normoblast or megaloblast, late erythroblast, and rubricyte. E5 is the same as an orthochromatic normoblast or megaloblast, normoblast, and metarubricyte.
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Course Section: 05. Nucleated Red Blood Cells
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