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Slide 26
This bone marrow is from a patient with APL, FAB M3. This patient had prominent azurophilic granules in his promyelocytes, which usually is the case, but not all patients with APL will have such outstanding granulation. Auer rods (see slide 29) usually are present, and they were found in this patient's cells.

APL is a leukemia that should be recognized immediately because of its association with disseminated intravascular coagulation (DlC)(which can be treated). Tests included in a DIC profile are a prothrombin time, a partial thromboplastin time, a fibrinogen, a fibrin degradation products, and a platelet count. In our hematology division, DIC profiles are obtained on every new patient with acute leukemia since DIC occurs in about 10% of all patients who have leukemias other than APL.

Course Section: 08. Myelocytic Leukemia: Chronic and Acute
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