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Slide 24
This is a bone marrow slide of another patient with AML FAB M2; the split slide shows more than 3% promyelocytes. The Wright's stained preparation, on the right, is compared with the myeloperoxidase stained preparation, which reveals positivity in all the blasts and promyelocytes. Nearly twice as many patients fit the M2 category than fit the M1 or M3. Even though the different groups have been described and delineated for the Romanowsky's stains, hematologists still have difficulty differentiating AML M2 from AMML M4 and AMoL M5b without the results of special stains. However, the number of positive cells with special stains needed to make a diagnosis has not been determined and therefore has not been included in the FAB classification.

Course Section: 08. Myelocytic Leukemia: Chronic and Acute
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