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Slide 28
The largest cells in this slide are megakaryocytes. There are eight in this one area. Megakaryocytes are most often present in the center of the bone. marrow particles. Usually they are associated closely with the vascular system. Megakaryocytes are the source of blood platelets. The platelets are released by the megakaryocyte into the capillary sinuses. They are the largest cells in normal bone marrow. Mature megakaryocytes appear lavender under low power and generally have 8, 16, or 32 nuclei. The greatest number (76%) have 16 nuclei. The number of nuclei is extremely difficult to count in aspirates, as they are generally grouped into one large mass. The number of nuclei in megakaryocytes has been counted by a "squash" technique in fixed sections of bone marrow.

Course Section: 06. Microscopic Examination of the Bone Marrow
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