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Slide 22
Tissue basophils or mast cells, one of which is seen in the center of this slide, are characterized by basophilic-staining granules that are all of the same size. The granules are smaller than eosinophilic granules and may obscure the nucleus. Tissue basophils are found in the thickest part of the bone marrow particles. They are rarely seen in normal bone marrow but they are most often found in patients with systemic mastocytosis, aplastic anemia, refractory anemia, agranulocytosis, lymphocytic disorders, Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia, and in elderly women with demineralization of bone. They may be included in the differential but they are usually only mentioned in the bone marrow description as being present.

Course Section: 06. Microscopic Examination of the Bone Marrow
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