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Table 2 is the bone marrow differential that was included with other data written in a letter to the referring physician by the hematologist. The report was of a 62-year-old man who had lymphoma diagnosed by Iymph node biopsy. Bone marrow was taken from the iliac crest to see if it also was involved with lymphoma. Note that all the cell values obtained on the aspirate fall within the normal ranges except for a slight increase in the number of lymphocytes. The marrow was normally cellular with normal myeloid and erythroid maturation. The megakaryocytes were also normal. The impression given by the bone marrow was that it was not diagnostic. However, lymphoma involvement may not be seen in bone marrow aspirates, and the core biopsy taken at the same time as the aspirate did show that the marrow was involved.
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Course Section: 06. Microscopic Examination of the Bone Marrow
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