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The purpose of Description of Red Blood Cells is to describe and demonstrate the abnormalities found in red blood cells and how they relate to anemias. In assessing anemia from a fixed blood film stained with Wright's stain we look for changes in color, shape, and size of the erythrocytes. For instance, in iron deficiency the color of the red cells is lighter than that of normal cells, as there is less hemoglobin present, and the cells also are smaller than normal. In megaloblastic anemias the cells are larger than normal and there is more variation in the size from one cell to another and more variation in the shape of cells thn is observed in normal blood. In some anemias the most prominent feature is extremely odd shapes assumed by the red cells, such as sickles. Changes in size, shape, and color of a patient's red cells are described, along with the report of the white cell differential and the platelet evaluation.

Course Section: 01. Description of Red Blood Cells
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