H01. Description of Red Blood Cells

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Slide 2Question
Slide 3Question
Slide 4Question
Slide 5Question
Slide 6Normal red blood cells with scanning electron microscopy
Slide 7Normal red blood cells with light microscopy
Slide 8Information Included in Red Blood Cell Report
Slide 9Air holes artifact
Slide 10Thin area artifact
Slide 11Anisocytosis - none compared to moderate
Slide 12Price-Jones curves
Slide 13Newborn compared to adult blood
Slide 14Megaloblastic blood compared to normal blood
Slide 15Iron-deficient blood compared to normal blood
Slide 16Poikilocytes
Slide 17Hereditary spherocytosis blood compared to normal blood
Slide 18Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
Slide 19ABO incompatibility compared to Rh incompatibility
Slide 20Thermal sensitivity
Slide 21Burn
Slide 22Hemoglobin C disease
Slide 23Bridge cell in thalassemia major
Slide 24Sickle cell anemia
Slide 25Hereditary ovalocytes
Slide 26Naphthalene toxicity with G6PD deficiency
Slide 27Stomatocytes
Slide 28Spicule Formations
Slide 29Crenation
Slide 30Myelofibrosis