Microbes and Pathogenesis
M30 526

Course Master(s)
Henry V. Huang, Ph.D.
Scott Hultgren, Ph.D.

Course Description

Instructors: Henry Huang, Ph.D., 362-2755; Scott Hultgren, Ph.D., 362-7059
The challenge of this course is to emphasize the importance of understanding molecular and cellular paradigms of how pathogenic microbes interact with their hosts and cause disease. Selected pathogenic microbes, including bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi, will be utilized as models to explain general principles of host-pathogen interactions and their consequences. Mechanisms by which microbes evade host defenses to cause acute and chronic infections will be highlighted. Problems facing the medical community in the 21st century such as rising antibiotic resistance and tropical diseases will be addressed. The main objective of this course is to teach students how to think about microbial pathogenesis in a way that will provide them a conceptual framework that relates mechanisms of pathogenesis to symptomology and pathophysiology.