Neural Sciences
M35 554

Course Master(s)
David C. Van Essen, Ph.D.
Timothy E. Holy, Ph.D.
Joseph L. Price, Ph.D.

Course Description

Instructors: David Van Essen, Ph.D., 362-7043; Timothy Holy, Ph.D., 362-0086; Joseph Price, Ph.D., 362-7043 (Co-Course Masters)
Neural Sciences is an intensive seven-week course that covers the structure, function and development of the nervous system as seen from molecular, cellular and systems-oriented perspectives. The emphasis is on the organization and function of the nervous system in health, but there is frequent reference to the clinical relevance of material presented. The course includes regular lectures, conference sessions and laboratories, plus a number of clinically oriented presentations. Computer-aided instructional programs, accessible from a variety of locations, provide auxiliary modes of self-paced learning and review. The midterm and final emphasize the core body of important facts and principles presented in lectures and laboratories. (SPRING ONLY).