M30 523

Course Master(s)
Andrey S. Shaw, M.D.

Course Description

Instructor: Andrey Shaw, M.D., 362-8748
This course consists of lectures, laboratory exercises and small group clinical discussions. It covers all aspects of the immune response, general properties of the immune system, effector molecules, cells and their function, cellular interactions and immunological diseases. The Immunology course requires a strong background in biochemistry, genetics and cell biology. Some of the basic concepts from these fields should be reviewed during the course. There are two laboratory sessions. These will cover the areas of blood typing/blood banking and allergy. In these laboratories, students will type blood and be tested for allergies. POPS (Patient Oriented Problem-Solving System in Immunology) will also be used during each laboratory session and contain a clinical problem that is analyzed and solved by small groups of three to four students. There are five hours of small group clinical discussion sessions. In these sessions, students meet with physicians to discuss the role of immunology and a particular human disease. The Immune System (latest edition) by Peter Parham is used. For the small group clinical sessions, the latest edition of the textbook Case Studies in Immunology: A Clinical Companion by Rosen and Notarangelo is used. There will be an online self assessment (multiple-choice and true/false), a take-home exam (essay questions) and a formal final exam (multiple choice and short answer) on the topics described in the lectures and in the laboratory sessions. This course is restricted to medical students only.