Practice of Medicine I
M25 507

Course Master(s)
Timothy Yau, M.D.

Course Description

Instructor: Gregory Polites, M.D., 362-3480
POM I is a large course which spans all 3 blocks of the first year. It is composed of three content areas:

Each of these three content areas has two or more sections, each run by a faculty section leader.

POM I employs a variety of teaching techniques, instructors and venues. This includes lecture, small group discussions, panel sessions, one-on-one hospital interviews, standardized patient sessions, a patient home visit, and visits to both a primary care office and a city clinic.

What are the educational goals of POM I? Students will learn to:

1. Perform a complete history and physical examination with thoroughness, accuracy, sensitivity and compassion.

2. Communicate effectively, efficiently and compassionately with patients, families and other health professionals.

3. Describe and analyze the statistical methodology of clinical studies and apply the results to individuals and groups of patients.

4. Identify and investigate ethical, cultural, socioeconomic and political factors relevant to medical interactions.

5. Examine and analyze personal and professional competencies, limitations and behaviors.

How do we accomplish these goals?

1. Learning skills and techniques requires a cycle of steps: preparation, background reading, attempts at skill performance, analysis and reflection on performance, discussion of potential improvements, and successive performance of the skill with advancement to a new level of expertise.

2. The focus is on learning skills. You practice each skill, such as interviewing, in a variety of venues and situations of varying complexity. This course is for learning about how to do things that you will use for taking care of patients and families.

3. You work in multiple learning environments.