Practice of Medicine II
M25 607

Course Master(s)
Megan E. Wren, M.D.

Course Description

Instructor: Megan Wren, M.D., 362-3480
The goal of The Practice of Medicine (POM) course is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential to patient care regardless of specialty. POM II is a continuation of POM I and will continue to address various interfaces between patients, physicians and society and will also introduce approaches to clinical thinking and decision-making. The sections of POM II include Advanced Physical Examination, Hospital Sessions, Case Development, Communication Skills, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Community and Public Health, Ethics and Health Policy, Perspectives on Illness, and Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Medicine. The learning objectives for each section of POM II emphasize topics and skills used in all fields of medicine, and the majority of the course work will be taught in small groups or through clinical experiences. 83 clock hours.