Course Master(s)
Michael Awad, M.D., Ph.D.

Course Description

The Selective Program provides first-year medical students with opportunities for enrichment and in-depth focus on areas beyond the core curriculum.  All first year medical students are required to take and successfully complete at least four 10-hour Selective courses with a maximum number of six. Students must enroll in a minimum of one selective in humanities, one in the basic sciences, and one in a clinical area. They must also choose one additional selective from the clinical or basic science category.

Selective Category Descriptions: 

Basic: Content or experience primarily deals with issues of cell biology, physiology, pathophysiology of diseases, and scientific and statistical methods.

Clinical: Content or experience primarily related to patient care in the inpatient or outpatient setting, communications, public or global health, palliative care or health care policy.

Humanities: Content or experience primarily deals with ethics, medicine as the subject of literature or the arts, or the history of medicine.