Molecular Foundations of Medicine
M15 502

Course Master(s)
Linda J. Pike, Ph.D.

Course Description

Instructor: Linda Pike, Ph.D., 362-9502
This course is designed primarily for medical students and will cover fundamental aspects of biochemistry and cell biology. The course begins with a treatment of protein structure and the principles of enzyme kinetics. This leads to a description of the basic pathways for the synthesis and metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, with a focus on how the body maintains glucose homeostasis and provides energy under various metabolic stresses. This leads into a discussion of membrane structure and the function of cellular organelles in biological processes, culminating in the replication of DNA and the control of cell proliferation. Non-medical students should register under L41 (Bio) 5319. Please note that Molecular Foundations of Medicine runs on the medical school calendar and thus starts on August 19.